– Delivering the products on time,
– To use the most suitable materials and technology that will not harm our employees and the natural environment,
– To produce its products and services at the lowest cost by eliminating waste and loss,
– To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.


– To ensure that waste is minimized and recycling is supported,
– To raise awareness of all our employees in order to achieve success in the environment and to train them to gain individual responsibility,
– To plan and implement measures to minimize environmental damage in any accident or emergency that may occur during our activities,

-To minimize the use of environmentally harmful wastes,
– To try to prevent pollution at its source, taking into account the environmental effects of our products during the design, production, distribution, use and disposal stages,
– We are committed to the maximum struggle to prevent environmental pollution.
– To comply with all local and national laws and regulations regarding the environment and to act in accordance with international recommendations,